Mayte Escobar is afirst generation born Mexican American. She received a Bachelors of Arts in Art(Studio) and Art History from the University of California, Riverside.  Currently she is a graduate candidate workingtowards completing her Master of Fine Arts in Studio Art & Design atCalifornia State University, San Bernardino. Escobar has exhibited workthroughout Southern California and Mexico. She considers herself a U.S./MexicoBorder artist. Escobar has worked with photography since the age of 5 and becameincreasingly active in black and white film and digital photography during herteen years. This led to a path in the visual arts. Recently, she has focused onher Mexican American identity and the process of intentionally breaking itapart through the lens of history, experience, and the Mexico-United StatesBorder. Escobar’s work includes silver gelatin prints, inkjet prints,documented performances, video, installation, ceramics, and mixed media. 

Artist Statement

  Being First generation born MexicanAmerican I am looking into the blend of the two cultures and the disparitybetween them. The border is the core of my investigation; by traveling acrossthe border I have become conscious of the differences among both sides andduality within myself. My identity has developed from a synthesis of these twocultures, and my wok explores these two factions that cannot be one without theother. fusion is apparent in my self-portraits where I dress up with the colorsfrom both sides of the border. But I also take a personal look intounderstanding the history and identity of each nation. I create a juxtapositionwith these two identities that become one and explore the social, cultural, andpolitical issues we face in the everyday. I recreate my “investigation,” bytrying to dig deeper, exposing the layers, and facing my own identity crisis inthe process.

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